About Us

Fives & Sixes was established in the 1970’s with a mission in mind to service the Guildfordians growing demands for a reliable, courteous and professional private hire & taxi service.

We are proud of our companies 50-year history establishing our unrivalled position as Guildford’s longest serving taxi company, throughout the years our companies growing reputation and fleet of drivers has allowed us to service our customers in the Guildford and neighbouring areas efficiently.

Fives & Sixes endeavours to always delivery a five star passenger service which enables us to be more than just another taxi company , in the grand scheme of things our prime objective is to sustain and grow our local customer base by improving our Response, CRM & Service Delivery to our new & existing clientele by utilising multiple methods of communication to manage their journeys. This includes automated WEB, PHONE, & APP bookings in a seamless, efficient way 100% transparent and on-demand 24/7 365.

Fives & Sixes Key Prerogative is to make sure our customers journey experience is second to none.
We pride ourselves in continuing to be a reliable pillar for the local people and businesses across Guildford and the surrounding areas.

For more information on Fives & Sixes operating areas and services please feel free to get in touch.